Hello there!

I’m Christina, the main writer of this site, and I’m engaged to Steve, a real-life Panda human. We go on adventures together and, in true form, that involves lots of eating. Although we love to eat and try new foods, albeit not as much as actual pandas, we also enjoy exploring new cities and attending events.

Where does the name, The Curious Pandas, come from, you wonder? We have always been OBSESSED with pandas. For almost the entirety of our relationship, I’ve called Steve a Panda because he is Chinese and a giant teddy bear. On our first anniversary, he bought me a stuffed Panda. The day after we got engaged, we went to the zoo and saw pandas there in person for the first time! Here’s proof:


Pandas are notorious for doing nothing but eating, sleeping and walking around very slowly. As much as we love pandas, we’re also very curious about the world around us. And, book nerd that I am, I am equally drawn to the fact that curious has a double meaning, both inquisitive and peculiar. Which we are.

Lastly, we hope to incorporate the many positive, symbolic traits of the panda into our lives and encourage others to do so, as well. The panda is a symbol of gentleness and strength, of thoughtful, calm determination to achieve ones goals, and of peace, good luck and positive outlooks. Because the panda is both gentle and strong, it’s a reminder to integrate┬áthe polarized aspects of yourself, whether that’s femininity and masculinity or logic and emotion.

Thank you for being here and we hope you enjoy your stay.


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